*Beechain AI Tokenomics*

"Tokenizing the Future: Exploring AI-driven Tokenomics"


Token Symbol

  • BEE
  • number-two

    Token Supply

  • 1,000,000,000 BEE.
  • number-three

    Token Distribution

    • Mining Rewards (Nectar Mining): 30%
    • Development and Innovation Fund: 20%
    • Team and Advisors: 15%
    • Community Incentives: 10%
    • Strategic Partnerships: 5%
    • Ecosystem Reserve: 5%
    • Token Sale: 15%
    *Total: 100%*


    Nectar Mining

    • Nectar Mining rewards users for actively participating in the Beechain AI network.
    • Rewards are distributed based on computational power contribution and participation in the consensus process.
    • Mining rewards are halved at predefined intervals, following a sustainable supply issuance model.


    Development and Innovation Fund

    • Allocated for ongoing research, development, and innovation within the Beechain ecosystem.
    • Funds may be used for enhancing AI algorithms, developing new features, and fostering community-driven projects.


    Team and Advisors

    • To ensure long-term commitment and alignment of interests.
    • Subject to vesting periods to maintain stability and prevent token dumping.


    Community Incentives

    • Dedicated to engaging and growing the Beechain community.
    • Community-driven initiatives, events, and campaigns to reward active participants.


    Strategic Partnerships

    • Reserved for forming strategic alliances and partnerships that contribute to the growth and adoption of Beechain AI


    Ecosystem Reserve

    • Acts as a buffer to support the stability of the Beechain ecosystem during market fluctuations.
    • Can be utilized for emergency situations or unforeseen challenges.


    Token Sale

    • A reasonable percentage is allocated to ensure fair and decentralized distribution.
    • Token sale details, including terms and conditions, are transparently communicated to the community.



    • A governance model allows BEE holders to participate in decision-making processes, such as protocol upgrades, parameter adjustments, and fund allocations.
    • Decentralized decision-making fosters a sense of ownership within the Beechain community.


    Burning Mechanism

    • A percentage of transaction fees is burned, reducing the overall token supply over time.
    • The burning mechanism aims to create scarcity and contribute to the token's long-term value.

    Staking Rewards

    • Users can stake BEE tokens to earn additional rewards and participate in network governance.
    • Staking provides security to the network and aligns the interests of token holders with the success of Beechain.